Is raw food convenient?

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When looking through the comments on blogs and Facebook pages related to raw foods, there were a great number of people that were talking about how they would consume more raw food meals, if only they were more convenient.

It made me think, is raw food convenient? I always considered it to be, but at the same time I could see how some might not look at it that way. Remembering back, I haven’t always felt like that.

Several years ago, I invited some vegan friends over for dinner, but I didn’t *normally* prep meals for more than just my small family. Normally eating conveniently and mostly grazing, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Well, I have made full out meals for guests before but that was in my BBQ and stir fry days. Cooking “vegan” wasn’t entirely new either. Some of the stir fry’s were vegan, and I had prepared chili and soups without meat as well. But I just felt out of practice, and to be honest I was a little nervous.

I really wish I could remember what I had planned to cook, but I do remember getting up early to go shopping early, so that I could start preparing early. While shopping though, I remember I had a change of heart.

I had been doing all sorts of research about raw foods around that time, reading ebooks and taking online raw food courses, so I decided to call up our friends and ask if they would be interested in a raw vegan meal instead.

They were excited at the idea so I used my phone to hunt down some recipes and get my ingredient list together while I was at the store.

Again, I can’t for the life of me recall what I made but I do remember I prepared a raw apple pie for dessert. The whole house smelled like I had been baking apple pie all day. And I remember distinctly that dessert was a big hit and we all liked the meal as well, even the kids.

But… it took so long that I didn’t revisit raw foods again until sometime later. I did remember watching some of the videos that showed quick 10 and 15 raw meals, plus I was reading a lot more about green smoothies, so I decided to give those a try.

In fact, when I first moved in my own place, I was on green smoothies for almost 2 months exclusively! I got some advice direct from Matt Monarch on how to beef the smoothies up with high calorie additions so that I didn’t lose any weight, but I’ll tell you, those two months convinced me that raw food was in fact convenient. It was just so easy and became routine.

But I know, it’s much easier for a single person not having to feed an entire family right? Yeah probably, but I’ll tell you something… when my kids are here, I lay out healthy raw snacks (vegetables, fruit, sometimes sweets) and we graze, conveniently. And we also have smoothies and green juice. And on occasion we’ll head outside in the field and find some red clover and dandelion greens to munch on. Can’t get anymore convenient than that!

With that said, and as I mentioned, there are video courses that show you how to prepare convenient raw meals for the whole family. Granted, there are also meals for larger families or when guests are coming over, but there are many quick, easy, convenient meals as well.

Truth be told though, I’d pick a piece of fruit from a tree and call it the best of raw food convenience any day of the week.

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