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In this video, Daniel Vitalis talks about the benefits of homemade toothpaste and how to prepare it using inexpensive ingredients that are able to both detoxify the body by absorbing pollutants, and thoroughly clean our teeth.

Make Your Own Toothpaste for Detoxification & Self-Dentistry

Daniel explains that this toothpaste is based on zeolites, which are micro-porous minerals that work on a chemical level, by attracting and retaining positively charged molecules, like radioisotopes from radioactive decay, or heavy metals and other carcinogens. This means that zeolites can absorb a wide variety of cations that can be passed through our stool. He later also mentions that the zeolite powder can be replaced with bentonite clay (which is easier to find) for a similar result.

Daniel further explains that in order to prepare this toothpaste at home, all that’s needed is water and a fine zeolite powder, with the consistency of flour. He insists that the powder needs to be very fine, so as to avoid damaging the teeth and gums. Daniel also mentions Jameth Sheridan’s zeolite powder as a possible zeolite source for homemade toothpaste, while recommending the commercially available Oralive toothpaste from Ascended Health, for similar results.

When using regular toothpastes that contain fluoride and other unhealthy compounds, we are advised to spit out the the contents of the mouth, after we are done brushing. The zeolite-based homemade toothpaste however, works differently, and since it doesn’t contain any toxic substances, it can and should be swallowed, thus allowing the zeolites to continue working inside the body! Brushing this way on a regular basis allows the body to constantly detoxify, and it prevents the accumulation of new toxins.

To whip up the toothpaste, Daniel advises us to take a small, 250 ml jar, pour a couple of spoonfuls of zeolites in it, and then mix in just enough spring water to give it the desired consistency – that is the consistency of a thick paste that can be used to brush teeth. Unbelievably simple, isn’t it?

Daniel assures us that this paste alone can work wonders on our teeth, however, if we’re looking to enhance the homemade toothpaste, he recommends that we add in several drops of the product called Thriving Healthy Gums, which is produced by Living Libations for Surthrival.

This all natural product contains essential antimicrobial oils of rose, peppermint, clove, oregano, cinnamon, sea-buckthorn, tea-tree and thyme, and it’s amazing for gum-health. The toothpaste will now also have a better consistency, as the oils help it stick together. Daniel advises us to put a lid on the jar, to avoid having the toothpaste dry out, although he prefers storing his toothpaste in a dark Miron glass bottle that protects the contents from UV radiation.

Lastly, Daniel Vitalis reminds us to check out some of the scientific research done on the effects of zeolites, and how they interact with radioisotopes. After the Chernobyl fallout in 1986, zeolites were often used to mitigate the symptoms of radiation poisoning in children. Since they are entirely non-toxic, we can also use zeolites today to achieve similar results.

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