Chocolate Milk Green Juice

Despite its name, this chocolate milk is actually a dairy free food (well, drink) and is comprised of just 2 or 3 “green” ingredients depending what you have available.. it actually tastes an yummy lot like chocolate milk! Sure.. it may be a bit thinner… but the colour is close when mixing orange and green ingredients together.

The KEY ingredient in this health drink, I feel, is carrots. Mix juiced carrots with juiced spinach and/or juiced romaine lettuce to get the desired flavour.

How much of each ingredient?

You can play with the amounts. When I make it, I use a big tub (312g or 11oz) of baby spinach, 2-3 bunches of romaine and then I add carrots until it tastes just right. I generally end up adding 7-10 large carrots. This will make between 1-2 liters depending how efficient your juicer is.

Be sure to use the slow setting for the leaves, and the faster setting for the carrots if you juicer has that option.

How to maximize the health benefits of chocolate milk green juice…

To get the most out of the juice, start with the best ingredients… opt for organic if possible, and use them straight from the garden if you can. Also, the higher end juicers will squeeze more from your greens (and carrots) leaving dryer pulp. Also, the better juicers will keep the ingredients cool (or cold) which will avoid oxidation and destroyed nutrition.

Lastly, it is often suggested to consume these green juices on an empty stomach immediately after making them to get the most benefit.

Don’t be discouraged by these “best practices”… use whatever juicer you have and whatever ingredients you can get, it doesn’t have to be perfect to provide nutritional value!… Enjoy!

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