Raw Food Health Watch (RFHW) is written for people that have a passive or active interest in a healthier life. While the main discussion is about the potential health benefits of consuming wholesome raw plant foods, Raw Food Health Watch goes even deeper and explores “health” in all aspects of life.

I (Keith Lock) am the owner of Raw Food Health Watch. My belief is that all disease is similar, and as a result of removing the “garbage” from our lives and including more of what nature provides, our bodies, minds and spirits can heal and thrive on many levels. I am of the belief that consuming a raw, green diet and assisting the body with detox can help achieve optimal health quickly. With that said, I also feel that animal foods can play a role in optimal health. Despite my beliefs, I employ Independent health writers to research and cooridinate information that ties into the idea of “optimal health on all levels”. Health bloggers and writers with unique belief systems also contribute to the content here. There is no bias towards any belief system on this site as a whole. Sources are included in articles where applicable to backup any health claims.

Raw Food Health Watch Topics

Topics covered include but are not limited to: the raw food diet, wild plant foods and medicine, detoxification, tools for a raw diet, nutrients, disease, gardening, independent energy, dental health, sexual exploration, exercise, spiritual health, weight optimizing, and other topics related to achieving a healthier lifestyle on all levels.

All content is to include the positive side of the equation. There is enough negativity and fear mongering information on the web. It’s important to me that RFHW shows a brighter side to life and empowers individuals to see what “can” be done rather than one more thing that “shouldn’t” be done.