My Journey To Adopting Raw Food

The story of how I came to raw food is different from that of many people in that I had no chronic condition or other health ailments to address. A vegetarian since 1980 with a regular routine of yoga and meditation, I was already leading what I thought was a fit, healthy life.

Going RawIn 2000 my wife Teri and I got a call from our friend Patrick who said he had found a book of wonderful recipes, but they made way too much food. He suggested that Teri come over, they could make some food, and she could bring half home.

When I got home from work that evening, Teri served the results for dinner. At the time I had never heard of Raw Food, and was completely unaware that there was a whole movement and lifestyle associated with it. I simply sat down and had supper.

It was a meal that changed my life. With no clue as to what I was eating, I instantly noticed the energy and light enter every cell of my body, from hair follicles to toenails. Not only that, but whatever was on the plate in front of me was absolutely delicious! Teri had the same reaction.

“What is this?” I exclaimed in amazement.

“It’s just uncooked food combined in ways that taste good,” she replied.

In less than 10 days we had cleaned all the processed food out of the pantry and fridge, and made the transition to a raw diet.

Only then did I begin doing the reading and research on the incredible benefits of eating raw food, acquiring a shelf full of books on the subject. The compelling reasons for going raw are well documented, and I’ll be happy to provide a bibliography to anyone interested. I can sum up my own testimonial in one sentence:

I feel better in every way there is to feel better.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, you name it. Every aspect of my life has been enhanced by raw food.

My motivation in establishing Raw On The Run is to enable as many people as possible to share this new, more joyful baseline of well being.

Thank you from every part of my heart,
Bo Gaiason

Bo Gaiason
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